About us

Positive environments promote positive performance 

The world of sports is full of fierce competition, and you are going to want the best . We have pulled together some of the best qualified coaches to run our coaching sessions and school holiday events  If you would like to improve your game and take it to the next level, or you are just looking to keep fit and active whilst maintaing positive mental wellbeing come and join one of our many sessions at Fusion coaching and education. We believe in promoting positive wellness both physically and mentally and all our sessions are aimed at getting positive results and you achieving the goals important to you this is why we have small groups or more coaches in bigger groups to achieve a holistic approach . When it comes to education we have one of the countries leading lgbtq speakers in football , one of the only trans lady chairs in the country who has built a club from 1 adult team to now have both adult and children's teams and has won multiple awards both as a club and individually. 

Team Spirit