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Mental Health Matters.

Be active, learn a new sport, improve your mental wellness, or build on your current skills. At Fusion we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sessions and educations through the use of our qualified coaches, making sure not only to take into the physical side of sport but the massive benefits it can have in mental health. it does not matter if  you’re just starting out or you have been in the game for several years our lessons will be tailored to you, ensuring an enjoyable and professional experience.

Here at Fusion we also are strong believers that inclusion is a fundamental part of sport.  For many sport is a way of expressing, challenging and enjoying ones self.  For this reason we pride ourselves on the fact that we work with men, women, children, SEND and LGBTQ community.  Our unique LGBTQ education for clubs and organisations of all levels will ensure you have all the skills for you to be leading the way in inclusion.

 We strongly believe in giving back so 10% of all profit goes back into our community to either fund free programes or direct to local charities.


Our courses 

Training for Greatness

We offer a wide range of courses that are all tailored to you're specific club or organisation so no one course is the same but you get the same level of content . We specialise in LGBTQ inclusion and trans inclusion in sport this can be on the pitch , in the stands , or in you re organisation. We also offer a course for pe teachers on how they can make there pe department more inclusive. We also offer Promoting positive mental health in sport , mental health is vital in the current climate but not every person with a mental health problem is comfortable in participating in sport , this is where we come in and give you the tools to work in a holistic way .  Some of the more generic courses we offer are - first aid for sport - how to create a sucesfull club - marketing and sponsorship - introduction to football a parents guide and we will be running specialist education days throughout the year. 
To discuss a course and get a unique quote get in touch with us we offer our courses all over the UK.


Classes Available

Get Your Game On

Fusion coaching and education is for athletes  of all ages and experience levels with a wide variety of courses.   Maybe you are interested in working on a particular facet of your game or you are looking to experiment with multiple sports or you would like to improve your overall athletic performance, you have got many options to choose from. We offer sessions for boys and girls , men and ladies.  We cover the whole of the West Midlands including Coventry and Tamworth  and Shropshire and offer sessions in a variety of locations . 
Our sessions work out to roughly £5 p/h and we work on a average ratio of 1 coach to every 7 participants 


Goal keeping coaching 


Goal keeping programes are a great choice to improve your goalkeeping performance. The programe runs twice a week over 6 weeks  Through a strategic mix of coaching sessions, class participants become more comfortable with the game both on and off the field. If you’re looking to elevate your game, goalkeeping  Sessions with Fusion coaching and education are for you.With a bespoke medal at the end of the course .

Soccer Practice


From £60 to £120

Join one of our programes , where we will teach you the ins and outs of the game. We offer Programes all year-round for players of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for players  to boost their performance in smaller groups that clubs may not be able to offer with measurable improvements during each session. We provide programes for both boys and girls. Our 12 week programe is 24 sessions over 12 weeks and this is especialy for players of intermediate to advanced level looking to further there game .Our 8 week programe is once a week for 8 weeks where beginners  can learn or build on there current skills . At the end of all our  programes everyone gets a bespoke medal for level 1 and a bespoke trophy for level 2 .

Fit Woman

1 to 1 sessions 

From £18 to £20

Our 1 to 1 Sessions are a great choice to improve your athletic performance. Through personalized sessions tailored to you re needs participants become comfortable with the game both on and off the field. If you’re looking to elevate your game, All 1 to 1 sessions are facilitated in communal areas to safeguard everyone Involved or in spaces where there is more then one of our coaches working . 

Soccer Practice

School holiday schemes 

£25 to £50

Join us over school holidays as part of our school holiday camps you get a one 1 to 1 session where you will have the chance to work with a specific coach on you're individual game included in the price.  See for yourself why our school holiday schemes  are always sold out.   Sessions for both boys and girls and we offer multi sports programes aswell as football programes 


Football excercise for care and residential homes 

£30  per hour Special offers if block booked

This class offers a new and exciting approach to how you provide excercise in you're care or residential setting also we offer this service to supported living complexes . One of our highly trained coaches will provide a hour of excercise which can be seated or standing. We use the ball as a training aid and the excercise is very simple but effective 

Basketball Players Listening to Coach

School coaching sessions 

From £50 

We believe that after school clubs are vital for students to grow physically and mentally.  Lack of resources or lack of teacher time can stop a school being able to offer after school activities. Or perhaps you have the staff to run the classes but they need a bit of support .Here at fusion we have the answer we can bring our coaches to you to run the sessions may that be after school or during school time with our qualified coaches who have a vast experience of teaching physical education. We also offer sport activity days. If you think this is a option for you then get in touch with our sport liason officers and  we can provide a customised programe for you .

Sports Socks

Recreational sessions 

£5 per session 

We know that not everyone wants to be part of a programe so we offer recreational adult  sessions aswell where you don't  have to commit to a set programe . We offer the following11 v 11 sessions .Walking football . Futsal for adults .        Futsal for children .Over 50s sessions 

Boy Sitting on Grass

Learning disabilities sessions


We are very passionate to be able to offer our sessions without any barriers so we have pulled together some amazing coaches to run sessions for children and adults with learning disabilities We run the sessions in two ways either you can come to us to join the sessions or if you are a learning disabilities support or care provider we can bring the sessions to you may that be in a day centre or in the home or if you have a facility near you which you think would work well we can also adapt to this aswell. Working with you in a holistic way we can achieve amazing sessions .All our staff are trained to facilitate the sessions and work with groups in a person centred way .we facilitate sessions for both children and adults . 


Introduction to adult football 


Our introduction to adult football is for players aged 16 to 19 who are looking to make the transfer from youth football to adult football .It's a daunting time making that step up, that's why we want to bridge that gap so we can work with you and prepare you for the next part of you're football journey  Over a  8 week period 2 sessions per week our experienced adult team coaches will work with you and prepare you for the transfer to adult football. We will also have guest coaches who have been through the accademy system and coaches who have worked all over the world .The last week will be consisting of two 90 minute games of football with the very last game being against a hand picked adult team who are currently in the adult leagues at Sunday level . The final game will be filmed by a profesional and also pictures will be available . At the end of the programe you will receive a bespoke trophy  We currently liase with some of the country's leading scouts also managers of some of the non league clubs in the area this gives you every oppourtunity to be seen by some adult clubs . 

Sports Injury

Back to football 

£5 per session 

Our back to football sessions are aimed at players who have been out of the game injured or due to other commitments and are looking to get back into the game in a phased return .  The sessions are more recreational and you don't have to commit to every week you just join the sessions as and when you feel you can attend . As part of the sessions we will have guest speakers who are specialists in sports injury and rehabilitation at various dates through the year so we can get you back into the game and enjoying the game you love .

free weights

My body my mind 

£25 per month 

Our subscription programe my body my mind empowers you to make your life healthier both physically and mentally .we have some of the best experts in there field including dieticians,personel trainers Yoga experts , meditation , fitness experts, psycholigists and many more . We offer a person centred holistic approach to maintaining both positive physical and mental wellness . We offer both physical and online sessions to make this more person centred three times a week and you can attend any of the sessions all prices inclusive , our physical sessions use a range of sports to maintain fitness . 

Girls Soccer Team

Recreational fusions 

£5 per session 

Our fusion recreational sessions are split into 5 groups with ages 2 to 4 then 5+6 , 7+8, 9+10 ,11 + 12  . The sessions are every week and it's a time where children can make new friends whilst playing football and some weeks we will be playing other sports.  The aim of the sessions are to get a taster of football and other sports and to experiment with what sport you enjoy .

Professional Handshake

Working in partnerships 

Price via planning meetings 

We are very passionate about offering  something very special , partnerships with other company's and organisations  will ensure that we can do this. We are very passionate about the coaching and courses we offer so we only work with company's and organisations with the same passion that we have  . All our partnerships are not for profit and every penny of budgeting goes onto coaches and the cost to hire the venue , If you 're company or organisation are looking to collaborate with a forward thinking company then fusion training and education is the company for you may that be through our coaching sessions or educational packages , let's build a amazing community together .All our coaches go through a in depth induction process that covers not just the physical side of sport but also positive mental health , and training on the diffrent people that makes a community. 

Lifting Kettle Bell

Fusion experimental 

£60 to £90 

We believe that children of all ages should have the oppourtunity to play multiple sports and experiment before going into specialise in a sport they enjoy this is where our multi sports programes come into our ethos so we can give our members the oppourtunity to experiment with diffrent sports and work with our specialised coaches in there field of expertise . With 2 hours of coaching a week for under 6s and all other ages 3 hours a week . 

Buddhist Monk Lighting Candles

Project awesome 


Project awesome is all about promoting positive wellness through sport  Using this simple acronym Awareness(raising it).

Well-being(improving it).

Equality(encouraging it).

Sport (usingit as a tool).

Optimistic(for future).

Mentalhealth (positive).

Empathy(emphatic listening) .

Flooring Consultation

Consultancy work 

Individual discussed 

We are in a bussiness that is forever changing the sport bussiness can be very demanding or can get very stale and new ideas can be hard to find , but we can offer the soloution to this we will guide you to the next level with in depth knowlegde of sport development  and a creative approach we will put a new spark into any club , organisation or bussiness and continue to support after the contract to ensure that everything is sustainable and participation continues with measurable results. 

Finishing Line

Our work with health and social care settings 

Here at fusion coaching and education it's vital that all our sessions are accessible to everyone so we have a dedicated team that works specifically with the health and social care setting to bring our sessions to your establishment. we cover all health and social care settings and our sessions are from £30 with discount for block bookings. All our staff are trained in awareness of health and social care as part of our induction . 


Skye stewart 

Skye formed black country fusion in 2016 with amazing support from everyone Involved at bc fusion she has grown the club to now have over 5 adult teams with youth football starting into 2021.Skye has spoke on some of the biggest stages in sports and is often in the media talking about all aspects of sport . As a club black country fusion has won several awards including grassroots project of the year and Just a ball game fighting LGBTQ bullying award , Skye is also a trustee/ambassador for just a ball game.   Skye has been highly commended in sport by The express and star and also was part of the inaugral Lucozade top 50 movers in sport .Skye also worked very closely with carling on there made local project which black country fusion featured in there national advertising campaign . Skye is a qualified trainer with our sister company rileys health and social care. Skye has also studied sport at a higher level with qualifications in  - Mental health awareness for sport And physical activity - excercise and mental health - working with young people in sport and excercise - physical activity a family affair - sporting women in media - The bussiness of football endorsed by the EFL TRUST , sports injury and physcology of sports injury.
Skye says " my passion for sport and all that it represents has got me to where I am today and I m so excited to be able to launch this company and give everyone the best opportunities to be the best version of there self through our programes and groups " we have some amazing coaches coming on board with us and some very special partnerships that will ensure that we offer the best quality possible .In her spare time Skye likes to spend time with her family and friends and likes to watch live entertainment .